Sugar and sparkles

My sky was white and black, so organized and a bit boring.

Not much excitement or wonder or awe.

But then a shower of love rained over my black and white sky.

Like a hurricane my small world was rattled

You brought the rain that quenched the dullness in my life and brought me a joy that i never knew existed

My sky is full of sugar and sparkle now

A much nicer sight

And i like it that way


Everything Happens for a Reason

official bird on horizon.png

Enchanted creature
You have astonished my reality
Mesmerizingly true
Brilliant and vibrant
I wish to cherish you forever


But you must fly, beautiful dove
I will not chain your wings
For that would be cruel
Sing your song
Of ice and fire
To your heart’s fullest content


And if it is fate’s desire
She will allow us to reunite
And soar into the horizon